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    Σπάνια συναντάω Έλληνες fans οπότε μου έφτιαξε τη μέρα το σχόλιο αυτό! Greetings from Greece & take care Harry
    Don't let @HarryKantas's nice words mislead you, he's evil and unkind, specially with young U2 fans waiting on the outside of HQ on a rainy cold day. Not a nice guy at all.

    Nice interview, George. It's always good to interact with you in the forums, but I didn't know you were such a young lad. Makes it even better to have you around here. Congrats
  2. Thanks @LikeASong ! Yeah, I'm definitely part of the younger fanbase of U2. Sometimes it makes me a bit sad that I wasn't alive during the glorious days of the 80s & 90s, but that's the good thing about social media and obviously U2start: Reading old stories, interacting with fans from all over the world & chatting with fans who've been around for many years is truly special and makes me feel closer to the band and most importantly to the U2 community.