1. I dig this a lot.
  2. I quite like it. Probably my favorite of all the U2-adjacent songs to come out this year.

    Sidenote: It's weird that there have been three in a very short amount of time
  3. Its growing on me.
  4. Loving it. On repeat. (Enjoying all of DMX’s album that just came out, actually.)
  5. I like it - the best of the recent releases
  6. I was shocked to see this when I was going through iTunes on Friday. This was a long rumoured track that Swiss Beatz allegedly recorded for his album with Bono and Kanye West! I guess Swiss took himself off it and added some DMX verses?
  7. This would sound great with an acoustic guitar. Can someone reach out to Edo?
  8. Kanye + Acoustic. This song demands acoustic.

  9. Just come across this version.