1. Hello, hello...

    2021, despite the regrets, will be an incredible year for me as a U2 fan-editor. My YouTube channel, which I love so much, turns 10 years old. A work that started innocently, just like U2 itself and today I enjoy the experience phase.

    Also, of course, in november this year, U2's masterpiece Achtung Baby completes, like me, 30 years of existence. For many, it is the best album in the band's history. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no musical concert of the proportions of U2 could happen, of course.

    But that's not why we are going to stop celebrating this great event, just as the band did with The Joshua Tree in 2017.

    So, I'm preparing a great project for my channel: a documentary made by fans to celebrate Achung Baby's 30th birthday! And you can be part of it!

    The project consists by editing the entire tracklist of the album in a very special way, mixing footages from the Zoo Tv era with those we have today. I will also mix the old versions with those of today in a unique version. But the documentary will not be just that and this is where you come in.

    I will include testimonials from fans all over the world talking about everything they think about the album, how it changed their lives, what is their favorite song of AB and why?

    Do you want to be part of it?!

    So send me a video of you saying all this to the address:


    ATTENTION! Rules for videos:

    - 16: 9 aspect ratio (horizontal video);
    - in color;
    - minimum of 30 seconds in duration;
    - there is no upper limit;
    - do not leave any background music playing. The video needs to contain only your voice and your face;
    - .mp4 or .mov format;
    - high quality;
    - record in a location where there is not much noise;
    - no text on your video;
    - write your full name and your city in the body of the email;
    - Speak in english, preferably. If you can't, say in your mother language and I'll put subtitles;
    - video in vertical format will not be accepted;
    - by uploading the video, you agree and give me permission to use it on my channel;

    Following these rules, you will surely appear in this great project.

    I plan to release the documentary on the 20th of November. But I will still decide this. I'll post everything related to the launch within this topic.

    Below you can already see some frames of the documentary.

    Watch the teaser of the documentary:

    Watch ZOO STATION:

  2. Well there's something new for this project compared to previous...
  3. Hoserama why the need for that comment?
  4. Sorry but Mr. Vetri. That can never ever be a documentary, because the things are set with the specifications that are in here for the videos that should come to them. Mr Vetri throws a whole bad one on the documentary scene. If you have no idea about the documentary film, you should stay away from it. Furthermore, original recordings from U2 are inside, Zoo station. Achtung Baby are protected.
  5. it's a fan-made video - what's the problem here?

    if he's stealing others work without permission then that's an issue but most fan-made videos do that

    as long as money ain't being made
  6. Good comment, Hoserama!

    @Vetri, personally I am not interested in anything with stolen audio.

  7. Why start a project with a name you can’t even spell?

  8. Errors can now also be corrected. Continuity failure or error. The plot for the "documentary" needs to be rewritten, since 24.1.2021

  9. An album that U2 would never have released in the spelling "Acthung Baby" (Vetri 2021) is brought out by Mr. Vetri in a "documentary film".
  10. I was busy with a ZOO TV special a few years ago, kinda forgot about it, I might make it one day and release it (it wont be a documentary)
  11. Superb work Paulo, if U2 or whoever is running the circus would only make half the effort you do of releasing / producing stuff. cheers bud

    P.S : Ignore the jeals