1. serious question - the Edge tours with 20-30 guitars, and I know he uses particular guitars on certain songs. Question is, how many of us would know the difference if he played a Strat on 'Mysterious Ways' or a Gretch on 'Streets'? just wondering . . .
  2. The tone would be different to guitarists mainly. The average joe might not hear a big difference and Edges effects play a big part as to why something might sound different but a couple good examples would be Dirty Day Adelaide (Strat) vs Sydney (Les Paul), Bullet Mexico (Les Paul) vs any other performance (Strat), One Sydney (ES-335) vs recent performances (Les Paul), New Years Day 83-87 (Strat) vs now (Les Paul)
  3. A Gretsch on Streets... We would all surely hear the difference... 😉
  4. i guess i figured that, given his status, he could make anything sound like anything he damned well pleased . . . .
  5. He plays a Rickenbacker on MW. The guitar and effects create a patch that we recognize. Some ears can discern but not many.

  6. Here's one I found where they finish Elevation, and Edge goes to switch out the Gibson SG for the Telecaster he uses for Vertigo. Evidently something is wrong with the Tele, so he puts the SG back on and does Vertigo with that guitar. Given the heavy distortion effects used for Vertigo, the average listener would be none the wiser. However, I can definitely hear the difference (I am a guitar player of 25 years).

    I've seen other examples of things like Edge playing IWF with a Strat, and that definitely sounds different to me. There's also a video of him playing Elevation with the Explorer, at one of the 2017 shows.

    I'm a bit of a Edge guitar nerd, so I notice things like these.
  7. Wow, Vertigo with a Tele. Dallas can switch Edges tones on the fly so it is all good.
  8. He played Streets on a les paul 4:06
  9. Based on the sounds that come out of edges “guitar” during vertigo, I’m inclined to think that both guitar tracks for a pre-recorded and mimed. If you listen at the end of vertigo you can hear that low E slide up from the album version. Probably also why streets sounds so clean, you’re not getting that sound from a Les Paul