1. I can forget Milan if we get U23D in 2D
  2. "not happy with the quality of footage" could mean the camera footage quality. Or it could mean the band performance quality caught in the footage.

  3. Love And Peace Or Else is the only HTDAAB song I still listen to sometimes...

  4. 00:10 - "So - We are making a dvd here - tonight ... "

    There is no doubt that Milan was planned as the official video release of the stadium part of the Vertigo tour. It remains a great pity - why those two amazing nights at San Siro were not released as a full official DVD!
    I must honestly add my opinion - immeasurably better tour and better concerts than the 360 tour.

    Love and Peace Or Else is Until the End of the World of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb record. The same feeling applies to the concert performance of this brilliant song!
  5. Where can you watch it online?
  6. - Remaster 4k. Vertigo and Elevation also remastered ...
  7. Oooh yes
  8. Originally posted by colbourne25:It's a bit of a weird one this one... I remember when U2 were on 60 minutes here in Australia in 2006 for the 5th leg of the tour and there was footage from Milan taken from Streets and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    They obviously have all or most of the show tucked away somewhere. Would have made an amazing full show! If it was a visual issue hopefully we get the full audio one day

    Heres the footage showing some of Pride, Streets and SBS from Milan show. Would be great to see these released one day.
  9. And the 2nd Vertigo we got in 360p 🤣 could be also upgraded to 4K
  10. Nice to see this era getting some love/attention.
  11. Vertigo, Elevation and With or Without You were all posted in 4K today
  12. I think he means the vertigo that closed the Milan show that was on the communication dvd rom as opposed to the show opening vertigo.