1. Who recorded the audio webcast? The description is wrong.

  2. Doesn’t YouTube have a comment section anymore?
  3. You do have to laugh though at Vetri asking people not to use the footage with his track record. Just saying.

  4. Couldn’t make it up.
  5. Another day another Paulo Vetri thread
  6. does paulo vetri knows about the existence of his haters? lol
  7. They post about him so much I thought we were his fan club
  8. Well.. I can really understand the hate about this guy, because respect of tapers's requests and permission, and I really agree that's wrong to ignore these tapers and ask to not use his project when he uses audio recordings without permission...

    But really it's necessary to create here a lot of topics about his projects? A lot of hate? Just ignore his projects and complain about him on his YouTube channel or here just when he promotes his work on this forum
  9. I should say I don’t hate or even dislike the guy. I don’t like his practices. It is also pretty cheeky to say don’t use the footage when he’s stole footage himself but it’s not life and death stuff I just appreciate the stuff that gets shared with us and personally I don’t think it’s much to respect tapers wishes in the first place. It’s not law abiding, you don’t have to agree with me but some of the stuff isn’t far off official level and we’re getting it for free so respecting their wishes is the least I feel I can do.