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    There's a lot of nice sounding Popmart recordings.

    Eugene sounds very good and is an excellent early leg show

    The Fradoca Remaster for Pittsburgh is great too!
    Eugene is a solid 4 stars for me but doesn't have the "wow" factor that the bootlegs I listed have for me.

    Can't recall if I have that Pittsburgh remaster by Fradoca, I'll check it out now! Thanks.
  2. Kiel 1992 really nice audience recording and the band is on fire
  3. Originally posted by LikeASong:1982-02-11 - New Orleans has always been one of my favorite early 80's bootlegs, partly due to the sound. 1982-12-01 - Glasgow sounds terrific, almost soundboard-like at times. 1985-02-05 - Bologna is one of the best bootlegs of that tour all round. 1989-12-12 - Paris sounds as good as Osaka if not better. Fradoca's remaster of 1993-08-12 - London is stellar, and I seem to recall 1993-06-02 - Frankfurt sounded just as good but can't check it now. And I can't recall any Popmart audience recording that sounds as good as these bootlegs.
    Ha the river boat show
  4. Thanx
    I'm in total saturation to listen to Popmart or zoo tv . it's the end for me
  5. I LOVE Biggirls remaster of 2-5-1985 Bologna Italy Show ...It Maybe the cleanest audience bootleg Recording ... I've ever heard ?
    The 3-21-1985 Chicago Show Needs the same (REMASTER)treatment it has a cool version of "Electric Co" with the guitar feedback before Bono rips into Amazing grace ....VERY INTERESTING!