1. Originally posted by SJKamal:1 star. I have listened to it once and don't intend to purposely listen to it again. Not added to any of my playlists or anything. It has a nice Little Things reference but thats about it.
    What a surprise
  2. Originally posted by LikeASong:[..]
    Yes. In all seriousness, yes.

    I didn't have the urge to turn Ahimsa off before it even ended. Sure, two years after its release I don't remember a single word or note from it, I seem to recall it's insipid, Coldplayish and forgettable, but at least it's got a message, it's well polished and features at least some of the U2 essence & sound.

    This song isn't forgettable, but I don't say that in a good way. I've been hearing the dreadful "your sooong saved my liiiife" chants in my head since yesterday - and I don't like them. It's like a 2nd league demo, the kind of song that would get relegated to be a B-side or an outtake in an album. The lyrics -except one or two good verses- are cheesy and childish. And the vocal take is really dismal, probably the worst I've heard from Bono ever.

    And last but not least, I've said this in the past but... The Edge really is not a good piano player at all, he should focus on playing guitar.

    I understand this song seves a purpose and I really hope it's not more than that - I pray it just dies once the movie is released and the Oscars are over. I don't want them to follow this sonic route for any new U2 song or album.

    This is a better summation of my thoughts than I could even articulate. 100% spot on. 1 star.
  3. 5 Stars.

    Better than all but one track off of Joshua Tree, not sure why all the hate.
  4. I know right? Hopefully it replace Streets and/or Bad in the setlist.
  5. 1 star from me and this is potentially the worst U2 song ever released and I'd rather listen to the recent video circulating of Larry singing at his birthday over this.
  6. 1 star. Thankfully it’s not a U2 album song.
  7. I gave it 3 stars. I didn't dislike it that much. It has some 70s vibes in it, kinda a soul tune.
    I'm just a bit concerned about Bono's voice, I never heard it that bad in a studio recording.
  8. 3 stars
  9. Yeah, from what I’ve seen you tend to be quite negative. Although maybe I just notice the negativity more
  10. 2** I'm happy we hear something from the band. Glad it's not an album song. The guitar has to come back.
  11. 3 stars for me. Not amazing, but I like it. Not something I want them to do more of on their next album, but I don't get the hate. Things I appreciate about this song:

    -It sounds like it will be perfect for its environment: a kids movie sequel about singing and music.
    -The minor key chords on the chorus that present a contrast with the uplifting message. The "I sing it to survive" part is my favorite.
    -The Little Things-echoing lyrics in the first verse.
    -The piano line - not only at the beginning, but mixed into the background during the outro.
    -Edge's falsetto. Keep it coming.