1. more like - your song ruined my life

    just traditional cliched boring trite of the most bland rubbish - very disappointing

    worst part of a U2 show is bono and edge on piano - no wonder adam and larry walk off

    yeh i know it's for a movie - but in a way that fucking worse!

    u2 are dying a slow and lingering death

    neil young once wrote - It's better to burn out than to fade away

    u2 take - note you have a legacy to think of
  2. I voted 2**

    It's not the worst song ever but I certainly don't rate it much. I think the word insipid most sums it up for me
  3. 2 stars, just because I just couldn't bring myself to give a 1-star rating to U2....

    (but I do like the trailer with ISHFWILF)