1. I said when i heard 'You're The Best Thing about me' it was the most U2 sounding tune since Beautiful Day. So i'd say that
  2. Lights of Home that song still sounds fantastic
  3. It's interesting as songs are what the mean to the individual. And that can develop and change over time.

    For example, ask me this question in 2008, it is COBL.

    2010, Fez/Being Born

    2012, Unknown Caller

    2015, Every Breaking Wave and Miracle Drug

    2019 onwards, Lights of Home.
  4. Moment of surrender
    Sometimes you cant make it on your own
    Cedars of Lebanon

    Little things and Original of the species totaly overproduced.
  5. Magnificent
  6. MOS for me. The band should have followed Eno's advice, been brave and made it the 1st single instead of the ridiculous Boots...not a great deal of " great songs" to chose from IMO since ATYCLB...a steady decline in quality probably due to a production team who are not Eno/ Lanois
  7. oh tough question, but id probably narrow it down to , sometimes you cant make it on your own and every breaking wave......close third would be your the best thing about me. All these songs I can relate too in one way or another. I think it all depends on the person and their life experiences whether a song is relevant or not.
  8. Moment of Surrender
  9. The Book Of Your Heart
    No Line On The Horizon
    Raised By Wolves(Live)
    Cedars Of Lebanon
    Miracle Drug(Not Studio version, but the live version from 2015)