1. Originally posted by bonoschild:I'm sure there are several of us who could still recite the Sydney and Dublin lines word for word 🤣so many good memories and shows
    Guilty I do that when we have U2 friends meetings and it's always a good laugh. And the Slane speeches too!
  2. The Slane names after Sunday Bloody Sunday. Always fun to recite the full list.
  3. Reciting the names of the victims of an IRA bombing atrocity is fun? Careful there guys.
  4. Yes fun definitely isn’t the right word. What it does make for is an incredible segue into wake up dead man which also transitions into stuck in a moment perfectly and then kite making it one of the most emotional sections of any u2 show you will ever find, could even add in out of control before that when he talks about his father giving him £500, just pure emotions being poured out in that section of the show in particular.
  5. oof idk why I went so obscure hahahaha I guess I haven’t listened to Sydney in years to be fair
  6. I feel asleep in the space of that 30sec clip and I had just woken up from a decade long slumber ! Mind numbingly boooooring!
  7. Is there anyone from US who can help me with buying SOS box with tshirt? It's US exclusive and I'm from Poland.
    Sorry for offtop.
  8. Find a US forwarding storage depot online. They will give you an address. PayPal them the money. They will ship to the US address and then to Poland. I have done this for the UK and Australia and it is great.
  9. One is now available on Apple Music
  10. It's also on Spotify!