1. Let's talk about the upcoming World Cup! Draw is live now! We will update the groups here.


  2. All England aren't we
  3. Official mascot looks like Casper the ghost...
  4. Is Iran banned already?
  5. Well fuck me, we're screwed.
  6. Germany-Spain in 1st round!
  7. We've got a great poule A (NL)
  8. Boycott the world cup!

    Yoy all know whats happening there
    Everybody knows

    So we can’t accept it

    No world cup
  9. yes - lets follow U2 who despise and rally against hatred and intolerance

    but fuck that - the footballs on

    dirty world cup bought with bribery and blood money from the disgraceful wealthy despots - sickening, but the footballing world forgets all this

    ...sounds a lot like what's going on at the moment elsewhere

    people look at the world and say how sick it is - how can people be so nasty and greedy and hateful

    ... and then it all gets forgotten for a month's worth of football


    when they come for 'you', when they're knocking on your door - let's hope there's someone there sticking up for 'you'... but i doubt it
  10. Congratulations to my Welsh friends, for becoming the 30th team in the World Cup!
    They're going to their 2nd World Cup. Too bad for Ukraine though.
  11. Anyone from Paris know any good bars to watch the games in?
  12. Couldn't care less about this joke of World cup. And Fifa chief should walk through sewers...