1. Just give us the Heartland performance they had played
  2. This is true. The Joshua Tree 2019 tour promo photo was shot when they recorded this.
  3. I'm sure they will want to see some financial return on it as I'd say it cost fortune to film it especially as it was outdoors, they probably had to add extra lighting and various other props to make it look good for video plus the film crew and all the hi tech cameras wouldn't have come cheap either.
  4. I have no interest in this movie anymore honestly
  5. I dont know what happened. More than knowing when they
    will launch this I would like to know why they have taken so long.
    The worst thing they could have done is to have taken so long and they are still doing it.
  6. I just want the audio from the thing. Heck, even that wouldn't be a very big deal since there are already quite a number of high quality recordings from this tour as it is.
  7. I think they care more about having more camera angles and technology with Hammy Hamilton or some other similar hack directing than they do about the actual release. I think as each year passes, the urgency to release anything or work on what would be ambitious projects has waned. As much as I was critical of Ca$h McCa$hess, he would have done a much better job than Gary Ordinary has. Yes, my joke styles get old, but it's me being me. Even if it bugs ya The lack of Blu Ray for Paris, I mean Berlin, right lol was really the first sign of trouble, but this is the era of "lazy U2." In the last 17 years and add 5 or so months, we have 3 albums, and SOE has obvious retreads like 13 and American Soul that did not take years to come up with.
    If I were in their management, I would advise them to milk whatever they can out of their vault. There will come a day when any U2 product will only appeal to a dwindling aging, and sadly, dying fanbase. I will likely buy some U2 product after I die, which I hope is not too soon...but most won't buy after death, I would assume. You could say that day is now, but I still think there is a little more of a shelf life in the band, but it may just be touring, which they are not going to want to constantly do. FLAC of old shows, and Streaming of old shows with a DVD/Blu Ray Option sounds great, but I think they are too lazy at this point. Joshua Tree 2017 should be a Blu Ray 2 CD set. They could make it a limited edition of 30,000 and it might not even sell 20,000 but limited editions can be appealing. The biggest band in the last 35 years could do a little better, but in retrospect, we have overall had a great run with them. Some great bands have little or no live releases.
  8. I agree with most of your above points but how are you are going to buy stuff after you’re dead?
  9. Originally posted by Papo:Maybe it's just not very good?

    The stage was a huge cinema-like-screen, and sometimes I felt I was in a huge outdoor-cinema. I liked it a lot!
    Maybe there is just not point in going to a cinema to watch a movie of people watching a movie (sort of)?
    Maybe they did not succeed in capturing that show in an adequate way?
    I don't think it will see the light of day anytime soon. Maybe as part of an archives release or fanclub gift.

    This is the best take on possibly 'why' yet. Never thought of this. Absolutely spot on with these points , maybe it just didn't transfer to video as well as other shows. The minimalist stage design without the ton of wideshots needed to capture the soul of the show or graphic overlays straight from source to feed would have been distracting and ultimately boring and disjointed. Close ups of a portly stumbling Bono just wouldn't cut it like the days of the shimmering and sultry moves of The Fly would have. AGE tis a horrible thing!
  10. Originally posted by Papo:
    Maybe there is just not point in going to a cinema to watch a movie of people watching a movie (sort of)?

    A very good point but I remember Larry saying the best part of Zoo-tv was fans got to attend a gig and watch television