1. I’m excited for this
  2. I am as well. Bono's strength is thought and writing. Dodgy cover though.

  3. That clips is brilliant. I hope they eventually release the whole book like that.
  4. Interesting video.
  5. Well, looking forward to it. The cover is really bad.
    But you can't jugde a book by looking at the cover.
  6. I just watched that beautiful video and I take back my previous comment. The cover makes sense.
    Bono has a beautiful reading voice and he is indeed a great writer.
    Love that guy.
  7. I kinda like the cover. Most importantly, I love that he's not wearing any darn glasses in the picture.
  8. Nope. It looks a half-assed 3rd party book from the 80s with that horrible yellow font.