1. Not really a font. It’s Bono’s doodles / handwriting.
  2. I'm happy this is coming out. This is the biggest news since JT 2019
  3. The clip looked and sounded really nice. I am looking forward to it.
  4. May have to buy both paper and digital versions.
  5. I doubt the whole book includes sound effects all throughout, it would be a nightmare to edit. Keep in mind that it's gonna be 600 pages ~ 300,000 words ~ 34-38 hours of narration.
  6. +1, I love the photo and the cover itself. And being handwritten/drawn by Bono is a super plus.
  7. Preordered !
  8. Excited for this. Kind of want to pre-order both the hardcover book and the audio book...I want to see all Bono's drawings but also want to hear him narrate his own book!
  9. placed a pre-order
  10. Book tour in the autumn?