1. I’m sadly going to add to those of you who felt it dragged on a bit at the end. Genuinely went from being hooked on it at the beginning to getting a little bored.

  2. Shit! It gets worse (slower)? I’m having a hard enough time getting through the FIRST third of the book!
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    Shit! It gets worse (slower)? I’m having a hard enough time getting through the FIRST third of the book!
    Ooph. I found it to be a mostly enjoyable read up until Bono went all Bono towards the end.
  4. I loved the first third. Got through that really quick. Nearly done the second now.
  5. Struggled towards the end when he started making excuses towards George W and Tony B onwards.
  6. I want to do the audiobook just to see how he conveyed these parts vocally. It was not good in written form.
  7. Also reading the excerpt about how Bono thinks Sinatra sang My Way at different stages in his life ties into the reworking idea of the songs for SOS I think.
  8. Wasn’t sure which was the right thread for this but thought this was near enough.

    The former minister from my church is a big fan of U2 (we went to a Vertigo show together 😊) and he sent me a link to a podcast from Christianity Today which is an hour long discussion with Bono on his memoir and his faith. It takes an, understandably different, approach to most of his recent interviews and may not always make sense if you don’t have knowledge of the Bible but it’s still an enjoyable listen.

  9. Just listened to/read the chapter Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way and bawled the entire time. Lol

    Bono’s writing is beautiful here.
  10. Audio version: Bono's impersonations are wretched. His lists become annoying. The story of the band is buried with long tales of politics that are a snooze. I think Peter Hook set the standard for writing about a band. Some powerful moments but overall it feels like missed opportunities.