U2:UV Achtung Baby at the Sphere
Legs (1): 2023
Shows: 25
Tickets: 80
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    Another quote from another interview: "Songs of Ascent is a reflective, lyrical album, very different from the unreasonable guitar record, which is not to say they might not end up mating. We didn’t want to put either album out before we could play live, so we were waiting for our drummer to heal."

    I’m not laughing at the Larry comment. It’s just hysterical he’s now saying they may only have one album composed of both. So in other words, there’s no new album in existence until it’s officially in our hands - as usual with this band, rock or Ascent.

  2. It means the band is trying to spin positivity on the Sphere despite the clusterfuck it is with all its delays and internal conflicts. The project is going horribly(not an opinion, a fact) with the firing of the executives and inability to be constructed on time.

    If they’re already making smaller remarks like “we don’t know we can fulfill the sphere” then it sounds like they’re slowly starting to let it out that the project is a no go without ruining the reputation of MSG. It’s all PR, not what Bono and Edge actually think.
  3. Originally posted by zbych:I said that after Bonos Berlin Vocal Problems Will repeat it now… band has some communication Problems

    2018 was it that difficult for Edge Adam LarrY to come out and say to the crowd Look Bono Will NOT Sing any more today, keep your fingers crossed we will reschedule and comeback now let’s sing 1 thing together and we are off …NO

    They send poor guy to announce that they will not come out any more

    2023 was it that difficult to ask Larry to record video with Bram and say - Guys I’m terribly sorry I won’t make it to LV shows but here is great young drummer who will fill my shoes! I hope you like him! God bless him and Adam Clayton time sense! … NO

    2014… when Bono broke his arm and they had Fallon residency planned… and world backlash over free to iPhone album… was it that difficult for Edge Adam (Larry I know) to go to Fallon and say guys Bono iwill be fine, we have this new record and tour planned… he will be back soon don’t worry we will come back … NO

    These are 3 examples of terrible crisis management from our band

    The only thing that changed is management. When Bono was hurt in 2010, the band recorded videos of him getting better and being with the rest of the band saying they were excited to come back. Likely Paul McGuinness instructed them to do those things that fans really respected. It’s all gone downhill since his leave.
  4. It really has gone downhill since Paul left. It’s increasingly obvious what little things he brought to the table, now that they don’t have his guidance. U2 was as important to him as it was to the band members. Now their new management don’t give a shit, it’s all numbers on a spreadsheet at this point for them.
  5. “Which versions of these songs will you be playing later this year at your Las Vegas residency?
    Edge: Probably a combination. It’s going to be a rock ‘n’ roll show, for sure, and we’ll probably dip into these interpretations for part of it. “

    Basically what U2songs kept reporting here. They were also adamant the show was going to be called SOS Baby which I believe them. Everyone’s expecting 2 hours of U2 songs in the full versions but without Larry, I think a good chunk of it will be acoustic, if a miracle happens and the shows occur
  6. That LA Times interview was good. Straight forward questions.

  7. So u2 have new music ready to go and waiting for Larry. I realy hope so. This sphere thing is just a one time thing.
  8. Looks like they’re going to keep the promo momentum going with a Zane lowe sphere interview soon. Hopefully tour dates in the next 2 weeks
  9. So I just came up with a weird discovery. I was wondering if this would be the longest time between U2 concerts or not. Interestingly enough, if the 9/29 date still happens...

    July 30 2011 - May 14, 2015 = 1,384 days
    December 15 2019 - September 29 2023 = 1,384

    The time between Zoo TV and Popmart was 1,232 days, the next longest gap.
  10. Too bad it isn't a U2 concert.
  11. So it's not just me and @miryclay that delight in crunching these weird numbers 🤓
  12. They’re doing a giveaway for UK fans who have purchased SOS through U2.com. 1 winner will receive tickets, flights and accommodation to a Sphere gig. 5 runners up will receive SOS merch.