U2:UV Achtung Baby at the Sphere
Legs (1): 2023-2024
Shows: 40
Tickets: 10
  1. Originally posted by podiumboy:[..]
    Yeah if you look at the early SOI promo stuff, music videos for “Invisible” and “Miracle”, etc, Bono pretty much looks the same as he did at the end of the 360 tour. Compare that to the beginning of the IE Tour, and his face is drastically different, he might have had a little reconstruction on his face, and he just looked much older.

    He kind of made it work in the JT/EI era a little better, 2017-19, even though the Granny glasses are awful.

    But now, man he looks rough. I know he’s 62 and all. But most 62 year olds I know look younger than Bono does. He needs to do something about that hair, find new glasses, and find a way to age gracefully. The other 3 members of U2 have done so.
    Adam's Gandalf look ?
    Larrys "my eyebtows had an accident" look ?
  2. Originally posted by ric:[..]
    Have I missed something or is this show totally ZOOTV based?

    I think Macphisto is a Las Vegas character and would be much better suited to Bono's age now. Wasn't Machphisto also meant to represent the old, washed up version of the The Fly too?
    No one knows for sure. Bono mentioned the LV shows might be achtung baby themed. But as always...no one knows for sure until the first show is done
  3. U2Songs mentioned it would be a mix of SOS and AB
  4. just the thought of these 2 merged into the same show seems bizarre.
    I suppose there's a few options of how it could be done.
    A) show split in roughly half with an intermission seperating the colorful visual extravaganza of AB/ZooTv and the SOS acoustic set of greatest hits
    B) the AB songs done as their SOS versions
    C) Biography Storyteller style- with intro talk about the songs
    D) only the encore dedicated to AB (with The Fly re-appearing for only a handful of songs, similiar to the Vertigo tour AB encore section)
    E) full play thru of AB ALBUM (with the hook being the 3 songs we never hear) instead of any zootv TOUR interference
  5. After what we saw in 2019, this could work.
  6. It's probably more likely that they'll do AB in full, along with the big hits, with some SOS songs scattered across the setlist for the slower numbers.
  7. I can’t imagine we’ll see more than 2 or 3 of the SOS arrangements at a show. They don’t lend themselves to that kind of venue, maybe a little acoustic 11 o’clock, invisible and miracle drug in the middle of the show. The question when it comes to Achtung is, would the band play songs in that order they did on zootv or the album order straight through like the Joshua tree did?
  8. I say strait running order.
  9. Mirror the setlist like the 2019 Asian tour. A,B,C sections.
  10. Has there been any rumours regarding which month this would kick off in yet?
  11. When will U2 announce its exclusive 4-night Achtung Baby ocean cruise show with a stop over in Cabo? Hungry U2 fans will love the buffet for sure. All you can eat.
  12. U2songs reported 2 days ago it would be late September and run through October.