1. They'll just rotate Elevation and Beautiful Day
  2. Ha! They'll rotate Elevation with Vertigo. Beautiful Day will be in there every night.
  3. Nevermind what they're going to do. My heart just went up a couple of bpm. How cool and exiting news / rumour this is!
  4. AB30 is dead, we could have ZooTV30 but also it will be dead lol
  5. I'm intrigued to see how Bono sings. he sang amazing in that concert in Ukraine
  6. This tour's setlist will be amazing !!
  7. I am over the moon !!
  8. Originally posted by deanallison:[..]
    I stand corrected, having looked at images from the inside with the seat structure it does look like it wouldn’t fit, long ways anyway, side ways would obviously be pointless so you’re correct based on the image I’ve seen. I’m interested though how they came up with this standing figure, usually when they do that it suggests the layout can be changed but the image I seen looks more of a permanent lay out so I’m confused. What I would say is it looks an amazing place to see a gig. Not having to worry about a side on view, and that steepness of the seats will add to a much more intimate feeling for a gig.

    100% agree
  9. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere the question is will it be a genuine world tour or just another North America and Europe tour? We missed out on the i&e / e&i arena tours but got the JT19 stadium tour, so it would be nice to have some arena shows. I’ve said it before but I think U2 really need to learn from P!nk who comes down to Australia for 3 months and sells out dozens of Arena shows. They did it with Lovetown but everything since has been stadiums over a 2-3 week period.