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    Apart from the price in general which I think I just about agree with you on I think the most important thing about GA is not to split it into price categories. That is something I’m glad they’ve resisted almost entirely up until now. I think in Japan they’ve had front and back GA but can’t think of other examples. There is red zone but I think that’s a little different since it’s a good cause and also it doesn’t prevent regular GA getting a similar or better spot even whereas if you had ‘back’ GA right away you’re guaranteed a worse spot than front.
    I think it was divided in JT Dublin too?
    But I hope there will be only one GA. I kinda like FOS when the price is not ridiculosly high,but only in arena. But for stadium I hope for just one GA. Also depends on the stage though
  2. Up to £100 and that is pushing it.
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    I think it was divided in JT Dublin too?
    But I hope there will be only one GA. I kinda like FOS when the price is not ridiculosly high,but only in arena. But for stadium I hope for just one GA. Also depends on the stage though
    JT Dublin was divided but the price was the same for both sections if I recall correctly.
  4. Up to 250. 100 for more than 4 shows and 500 for just 1 show.
  5. Set my precedent in 2018 paying something like £300 for a Gold pass, but high ticket prices will limit the number of shows I see.
  6. FFS you wouldn't see Bucks Fizz for less than £100 it's not 1990 anymore
  7. Too many variables to really know.

    If they do a Springsteen, put seats on the floor and make GA to be a small and exclusive section segmented by wealth it may be time to say "thanks for the memories". U2 has always underpriced GA, letting the seat people subsidize the floor. Springsteen has decided that those standing, in arenas, should pay the max. Seats now cover 50%-67% of the floor. Invasion of the seat people, turning GA into a luxury item. Not interested. Other than that:

    1. With increased prices, the quality of venue has increased importance to me. Tokyo can pretty much gouge me, guaranteed to be a good experience. I feel the same way about State de France, for stadium shows. But Manchester Arena...sorry. I want to hear the band for £300.

    2. Support acts become more important. At the prices we're starting to see, I want more of a festival than a one off. I don't want Bono's drinking buddies, unless they are younger and more relevant than Noel.

    3. New stuff? Bono's book worries me. Springsteen hasn't released anything decent for 9 years; he's become an author and a Broadway star. His newer releases...please, no. I loved the last 2 U2 albums. I'll pay more if we have some decent new stuff that's being played, rather than just a greatest hits package.

    My musical tastes apart from U2 are not where most U2 fans are at. I grimaced at paying $500 a day for 3 days in Vegas for the Where We Were Young Festival. But I paid. Three quarters of the bands I listen to are playing each day. I spent 200 euros a show in Bonn last month for MCR - but that did include unlimited food and drink, including post-show. I left fat and drunk on a chicken wing and beer diet. So I'm willing to pay what many would consider unreasonable prices, but I expect more for that money than a 100 minute show of hits in a large stadium with muddled sound preceded by Noel.

    U2 has made loads of mistakes in the past, but has managed the Live Nation monster better than most - despite being pretty much a division of the beast. I have some faith they will remember us as they move on in this new environment. If it were all about the dollars, I doubt the last show I saw would have been in Mumbai. There's a balance, they usually find it, hope they continue to do so.
  8. Up to $250
  9. €100. No more! Sing it: “NO MORE!”
  10. Missing option:

    I refuse to pay this madness.

    I already completely dropped out of Springsteen gigs within a heartbeat when I knew the prices.
    No thanks. My savings have been eaten by the pandemic and increased prices.

    It was already a hard one to swallow the raise from 2015-2018 which were up to 40%.
    So whoever gets to buy "my" tickets: enjoy the rip off shows!

    The only chance I will ever attend a U2 gig again: they return to my city, but also I would have to really think about if I would go to the stadium (they won't play a 8-12k arena (depending on full seating or GA floor)).
    But this will never ever happen. So - thanks for the ride.
  11. I know people are caught up in Springsteen prices right now. I managed two face value floor seats for Seattle and they were $399 each. I think people will pay that for U2. I would.