1. would be a good time to renew u2 com membership? considering probably a tour will start in a year or so. Since i am not in USA or Europe, I would pay maximum $!50 a ticket
  2. Originally posted by audidriver:I know people are caught up in Springsteen prices right now. I managed two face value floor seats for Seattle and they were $399 each. I think people will pay that for U2. I would.

    No artist is worth that including U2.
  3. I believe there are artists that are worth it. Of course you could see U2 for less however if a person wants a top seat without having to be in a que of hundreds for hours, that’s what a person will have to pay.
  4. $100 max
  5. COVID & maybe dynamic pricing will change things, compared to the last tour.

    But my sister scored good seats in Sydney JT2019 for 62 AUD (£35). Original tickets, not secondary sales, reduced due to low demand. They weren't even the cheapest available.

    So anything may be possible. We've been starved of live music through the pandemic, & I'd expect arena shows to sell well, especially something like Vegas. But if it's large stadiums, anything may be possible.
  6. I voted for $100, but I'd go somewhere in the $100-$250 range.

    Usually GA-all-the-way for me.

    So I'd say $100 GA in a stadium. $120 GA in an arena. $130 in MGM Sphere, Vegas, GA or prime seat (not going to happen).
  7. €200 max for a GA ticket. My wife will go too. So that's €400. Actually it's too much. But it's U2 and seen them for the last time in Berlin 2018. €40 a year p.p. will be okay than