1. I am happy to announce the availability of the 2023 U2start calendar. A calendar celebrating Bono's Surrender memoir and U2's Songs of Surrender, with live photos taken during performances of 12 of the Songs of Surrender.

    Following our highly praised 2022 calendar we are now back for 2023. This calendar features photos from 2018 and 2019.

    Support our community and order this custom made calendar with photos taken by me.

    The calendar is available for ordering now. As an early buyer, you can get the calendar at a discounted price. And we ship worldwide! Discount is limited so be quick.

    We're still early so if you order now you should have it before Christmas, but given that December will be busy you better order soon! No promises but the earlier we are the better

    More info and to order, go here: www.u2start.com/calendar/
  2. Ordered & paid for.Class product,I think this is the 4th one now.Thanks,Remy
  3. Ordered mine! 3rd year I've gotten one and I love them!
  4. Thanks both
  5. I just saw you tweeted it’s the 5th one.I knew I should have counted them before I posted Time flies and all that…