2022-12-14 - Dublin
Tour: Various Dates
Songs played: 9
Audio recordings: 0
  1. Originally posted by miryclay:I had never seen that footage that Glen Hansard was talking about U2 opening for The Police. The video looked like a club show however. Can u2start pinpoint the exact gig?
    31st July 1982 - Gateshead International Stadium perhaps,only gig I can think of.It was the only gig The Police did that year.
  2. Originally posted by iskra:Anyone have thoughts on what that version of Every Breaking Wave they were recording in the doc might be for? It sounded amazing.

    That's disappointing that ten people on this forum didn't jump in with an answer. C'mon people. Identify that gig!
  3. Originally posted by gmc:[..]
    31st July 1982 - Gateshead International Stadium perhaps,only gig I can think of.It was the only gig The Police did that year.
    That was my first thought but the footage looks to be from a club.
  4. Originally posted by bpt3:Just finished it. Honestly had not expected to like it that much initially when announced as no Adam and Larry involved but I really enjoyed it. Letterman was great in it and there were some beautiful performances. "Invisible" at the end I think I could just listen to over and over.

    Invisible was my favourite song of IE2015.
  5. Really enjoyed it!
  6. I’ve just started watching the documentary.That clip wasn’t from a nightclub.U2Partygirl5 on Twitter I’m sure posted this from the RTE archives a while ago.It’s was some sort of street party where they played a couple of songs.I’m sure they played on the roof of some building.It may have been a community social cause of some sort.A benefit gig.The Police didn’t play,Hansard’s comments about U2 opening a show for them is probably true.That was just a visual to play.
  7. Randoms: The music moments were solid. Really great moments. I wish the absence of Larry and Adam weren't brushed aside with a couple of flat comments and an odd Letterman joke. It's not U2 without them in any way. The Pogues nod could have expanded the door for more nods to important Irish artists which I would have preferred over Letterman buying cheese. Speaking of cheese, Forty Foot Man was odd reach. A joke? A baptism? The worst U2 song?
  8. Watched it the night it came out and I'm still a bit confused. Was it about U2? Was it about Bono and Edge? Was it about Ireland? Was it about Cheese? Was it about swimming in a sea?

    I did watch it with a non U2 fan though and they genuinely did enjoy the songs performed. Which led to me explain that these aren't actually the original songs, and that I would have to show them the original studio recordings instead.
  9. I like it 😉
  10. Just watched this. Much better performances than tiny desk concert. The wait for the cds will be easier now.
    Bad ans Invisible rule.