1. Remain unopened
  2. I’ll already have access to it via streaming so no need to open it just yet, unless there’s something truly unmissable in the booklet. It’s not out of wanting to preserve it or anything. I only have 3-4 unopened items in my collection.
  3. Not buying physical album of this... I'll gladly pay for album of new music or concert (if the ticket prices are not ridiculously overpriced), but not for compilation of boring versions...
  4. Originally posted by u2wanderer1:4xSHM Box set Japan
    Deluxe SHM CD Japan
    Regular SHM CD Japan
    White Vinyl
    Blue Vinyl
    Orange Vinyl
    Clear Vinyl
    Black Vinyl
    Deluxe CD
    4xCD Box Set (Non-Japan)
    White Cassette
    CD Regular
    4xLP Box Set
  5. Since I have a subscription to Apple Music, I have instant access to the digital version. Although, I'd love a vinyl edition too.
  6. Maybe I will buy the 4cd set. Won't buy vinyl because no new songs. And it's too expensive especially if the versions are worse than the originals.
  7. I'm not buying this album, or beter: non of these items.
    Because I didn't like the few things I've heard.
    I think it's a waste of the original.