1. Wonder if they are reading responses to their Instagram post on the new album. Best not to. Theme is WTF have they done.
  2. This one is actually really nice. The full clip is beautiful. I wish they’d bring this one back. Obviously live, it’s better with the member-by-member exit with Larry finishing the show, but I think that when comparing the recorded versions, this one does an admirable job of holding its own with the original.
  3. Right up there with Vertigo and Sometimes YCMIOYO as my favorite song on this album. Beautifully done, no complaints whatsoever.
  4. Makes a lovely end to the album - and one of the few really 're-imagined' pieces.
    Though if they'd done it like they did at the end of the Vertigo shows with the extended drum parts, just as a coda - it would have been even more spectacular.
    Still, pleasant and not a complete wreck.