1. One vídeo?
  2. U2 sounding more like “U2 shreds” videos than the real thing lately

    Not really sure why they would’ve picked Vertigo as the song to perform here, but hey, maybe it’s just a preference thing (I think that guitar part sounds so puny and lame on an acoustic guitar lol).
  3. He's having a Bad Hair Life
  4. The BBC sessions confirm the not good sounding 40 songs of surrender. Long-winded, boring, soporific.
  5. His voice is quite poor on these two. Not something I would rewatch.
  6. I wonder what inspired the ABBA connection? The 'SOS' has to be more than a coincidence.

  7. The love you gave us
    Nothing else can save us
    Save Our Souls (S.O.S.)

    That's almost a Bono lyric.
  8. Not my cup of thea. Vertigo is not the right choice for me here. It's a rock song :}