1. they were more enthusiastic here!
  2. no one needs to listen to the interviews.
  3. Part 2 of the Zane Lowe should be interesting when it lands as it looks like they are actually going to the Sphere.
  4. I presume they haven’t filmed that yet, seeing it’s not fully built yet…?
  5. The first episode finishes with a drone shot over the top of the dome. I presume they’ll be there either way otherwise why bother with the bus and the drive to Vegas? They could well just set up in the parking lot.
  6. S.O.S is nice.
  7. One No video?

  8. Let others decide that - who are you to dictate? Guerilla trolling as usual and, as already stated, this audio also contains the performances, including a performance of One that doesn't have a corresponding video. Does no one need to listen to "One"? Absurdity.
  9. thanks bishop for the video