1. 0
  2. 2 - Ordinary Love and Lights of Home.

    For what it's worth, I really like Until The End of The World, Bad, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Sometimes, City of Blinding Lights, Electrical Storm, Wild Horses, Red Hill Mining Town and All I Want Is You as well but none of them are anywhere near as good as the originals.
  3. For me the SOS versions are not better than the original but good in a different way!
  4. I voted ‘between 3 and 5’:

    11 O’Clock Tick Tock (better than the original studio version, but the live version tops both)
    “40” (ibid)
    Electrical Storm
    Song for Someone
    Lights of Home
  5. Nil.
  6. None
  7. For me, a few SoS versions do have better vocal takes than the originals (Lights Of Home and Sometimes for example), but then the arrangement/production lacks. On some songs the key changes are interesting, but also not fleshed out. Pride could have been really re-imagined in a cool way (more like B's book tour version)
  8. 2 for me: Invisible and Get Out of Your Own Way (still not a great song but at least this one has some quirky life)
  9. I don't think better is the point of the recording. We can have different versions of things and be happy. My SOS playlist has 16 tracks which I quite enjoy.
  10. (The song)40?
  11. Not a one.
  12. Yikes. I’m clearly in the minority here, but I put between 5-10. For me that includes:

    - Sometimes You Can’t Make It… (vocal take is just incredible as many have commented)
    - If God Will Send His Angels (finally sounds like a completed song and I love the piano in particular.)

    and most of the SOI/SOE era material, no longer sounding overproduced:

    - Invisible
    - The Miracle
    - Song for Someone
    - Every Breaking Wave
    - Lights of Home
    - Get Out Of Your Own Way