1. It's the one album of theirs that would work live if played from start to finish. It is so well sequenced.
  2. This is a hard question. Zoo Station is their best opener and Love is Blindness is their best closer.
    The album's order is perfect.
    I would settle for them to play the first half, then greatest hits/other albums and then the second half of AB to close the show
  3. I don't see the option "i don't care what or in which order this coverband will play", so i voted for straight through
  4. I think it should be scattered, in whatever order. Gotta open with Zoo Station. Can’t see LIB anywhere but closing (although they didn’t close JT17/19 with Mothers) so they’ll definitely have to squeeze 10-12 non-AB songs in between the 12 AB ones.
  5. I would split it in two sections by 6 songs to open and close main set (not in album order). Put another 6 songs in between and 6 songs as encore....