2024-03-02 - Las Vegas
Tour: U2:UV Achtung Baby at the Sphere
Songs played: 24
Audio recordings: 5
  1. Do you think they are going to make a new album announcement at the end of the show?
  2. Might get a "see you next year" at the end of the show, but that's if we are lucky, wouldn't be expecting anything specific.
  3. Sad that I want to able to make it to a show. Life got in the way and inflation not helping.
  4. They’ll end with Glorify, a full band play through announcing the new album later this year… Won’t happen but that would be good marketing, to tease the song the whole way through the tour and then make a announcement out of it.
  5. I predict IWF and a Larry appearance for 40! Bram hands him the sticks!
  6. I'm dreaming mate. Everything is allowed.
  7. That would be incredible. Just had a daydream about him walking out at the beginning of the last show. How cool would it be if he played the last gig? Doubtful, but dreaming out loud
  8. Personally while I can't wait to have Larry back, I think it's only fair for Bram to see it out till the end.