1. has anyone got a link to the video from the Solicitation Kit?
  2. Hey folks,

    can anyone send me a new link for download or the files for my email? joaoclaudiobh@hotmail.com

  3. Send me a PM tomorrow if no-one has sorted you out, I'm on my phone now, in bed, so can't get to it at the moment. Happy to do so tomorrow if you're still missing it.
  4. Does anyone have a working link for this?
  5. Here's one on YT:
  6. awesome @torhec. Thanks a lot.
  7. That slightly different vocal take in One is a delight. Thanks for sharing
  8. Does anyone have the footage of them making the album? Really interested by that.
  9. There is some in the 'From The Sky Down' documentary.
  10. Send me a whatsapp and I'll get you sorted.