1. Oui!
  2. Originally posted by musicandbuzz:Pas pour le 11 mais tu peut acheter les billets pour les nouvelles dates à partir de lundi 15 decembre, et voila':
    Citing "overwhelming demand," U2 and Live Nation have added 16 additional concert dates to the 2015 Innocence and Experience Tour. The new dates involve two concerts in each of seven cities:

    Montreal: June 16 & 17
    Chicago: June 28 & 29
    Boston: July 14 & 15
    New York City: July 26 & 27
    Amsterdam: September 12 & 13
    Stockholm: September 20 & 21
    Berlin: September 28 & 29
    Paris: November 14 & 15

    All of the new dates will have a U2.com members presale running this Wednesday (December 10) through Friday (December 12), with the public ticket sales beginning next Monday, December 15. New ticket codes will not be issued for existing U2.com members. If you didn't use up your code yet, or if you're a new U2.com member, you can buy during the presales this week.

    You can see the full list of U2 Innocence and Experience tour dates on @U2 Tours. And while you're there, now's a good time to claim your profile (if you've ever left a review on our old site, U2tours.com) or create a new profile. Here's how to get started.
    Oui j'ai bien suivi qu''il y avait plus de place pour le 10 et le 11 en vente "officielle". Moi j'ai déjà mes places pour les autres dates. Je cherche juste des places pour des amis pour le 11 encore.