1. Terrible news
  2. Why? R.I.P. Chester
  3. I read that Chester wrote a suicide note and he mentioned that he took Chris Cornell's death as "motivation" (in a twisted sense) to commit suicide.
  4. I haven't previously commented but obviously it was sad to hear the news of Chester's death. What's also sad however is the people using this is an opportunity to claim those who commit suicide are cowards and selfish. Not on here but I've seen it on Facebook. I am honest enough to admit that when I was younger I also held this view, however, looking back it makes me feel ashamed to have thought that as you realise when you grow up life doesn't always smell of roses, sometimes it gets really hard. The thought of committing an act of suicide would frighten the life out of me, so try and imagine the kind of place Chester was in to feel this was his only option. It's really tragic, I've came on here to vent because I feel like it's a better place than Facebook and don't want to waste my time arguing with people who for me are so harsh in there criticism of the man. Hopefully in the future people dealing with issues like Chester get enough support to prevent such a terrible conclusion.
  5. no words from Bono and co in Dublin, no snippet nothing for Chester, it's a pity
  6. RIP...
    Nothing else to say...