1. best version all tour, Vocal was amazing , turned back the years
  2. ^^

  3. For me the best version is this one in Red Rocks 1983 . Also because the beginning of the song at Red Rocks is beautiful
  4. For m it was Dublin 1987 The second night at Croke they played an extended version while Bono was getting some girl up from the crowd was a great night

  5. I have always loved this performance of NYD. I know his voice isn't in top shape but the "say its true" vocal SOARS on the Vertigo DVD. My favorite part of the song, and he just nails it.

    Similarly, on the Slane DVD, he and Edge hit perfect harmony as Bono carries out the "We can be one...." line...it makes my heart skip a beat every time. Rarely can Bono hold the note out in perfect tune long enough for Edge to match the harmony.

    I thought the down-tuned performances of the JT30 tour were sort of weak but those shows are the only time I've ever heard the song, so I'll take it.