1. Hi everyone! My name is Emma, 18 years old, from Melbourne, Australia!

    Forst of all brilliant site!

    I saw U2 for the first time on Sunday night, it was mind-blowing/brilliant/amazing/the best day of my life. Now I feel I have stepped over the line of being a fan to being an obsessed fan...just like I am with Bowie!

    Looking forward to talking to everyone!

  2. Hi Emma and welcome among a bunch of obsessed U2 fans!!!
    I agree with you, a U2 concert is an unique experience
  3. Ciao Emma
    wellcome i hope you'll enjoy yourself with us
  4. Hi Emma! Enjoy your stay
  5. Thanks for the welcomes!
  6. Hi Emma - your profile is spooky, I just came here to write EXACTLY the same things - I'm a massive Bowie fan in Melbourne who saw U2 for the first time last week too! *cue Twilight Zone music*

    Are you on the www.BowieDownunder.com Mailing List? I'm Louise / Vicious on that.

    Cheers! ~Ultra/Lou/Vic
  7. Hi Lousie,

    Yes, I am on the BDU mailing list!

    I hadd a fabulous night at U2, such a wonderful experience. Good to hear that you did too!
    Which night did you attend?
  8. Hey Emma, I'm a hog, I went both nights - it was my first ever U2 experience (seen the Aussie U2 Show loads of times, and they are great, but y'know.. this is the REAL THING!), several other BDU'ers were also up for it, my sister and her best friend came along first night too.

    How sore, deaf and hoarse were you the day after? I felt like I'd run a marathon!

  9. I wish I could have attended both...I attempted to get tickets for Saturday night, I sent a rep on behalf of myself but 'apparently' they couldn't get any. So I was extatic when they revealed the second Melbourne show.

    I remember going to the loo's at Southern Cross station and looking in the mirror and thinking how animal I looked. My ears were ringing the entire night..I'd lost my voice...true symptoms of a great concert! I was on such a high for the entire week following, it was unbelievable. I wanted and believed I could save the world. LOL, that's what a U2 concert can do to someone. Wow, it was incredible though, an evening I'll never forget.

    Before U2 Bowie ( ) was the ultimate concert....still is I suppose, just a totally different atmosphere though. Matched my Bowie experience quite easily! I read there were BDU mb's going, I was going to post but I haven't met anyone before and I'm more of a lurker than an MB! Oh well, I;m sure there will be a next time