1. Theyre not bad not something ive bought but my mate absolutely raves about them,i love metal but new wave(post 91) not Iron Maiden cheesy stuff.
  2. They’re current show looks insane. Belfast has gotten all excited about being included in the 2020 itinerary.

  3. Yeah I missed out too.
    I understood the tickets are personalized so little chance of reselling them I suppose.
  4. If you've never been before. Just go for the heck off it. They put on a hell of a show.

    Great tunes throughout the years. Even tho most people don't get german / the awesome poetry and lyrics that their frontman till lindeman produces.

    Also. Their keyboard player is a fucking genius..
    Such good industrial rock thanks to his melodies and the complimentary accessible riffs.

    I get its not for anyone. But since I'm comming from a punk and metal background. This bands still got it for me. Can't believe how long they've been going too.
  5. To me last good album was Mutter. Don't like the music they did after...
    I saw them in 2001 and it was a good show
  6. Du Hast is a stonker. Not paying £100 for a ticket however.
  7. saw them twice this year, seven times next year dream come true for me.
  8. It was 120 euros for a single GA in Rotterdam.

    Pretty much the reason i missed it. Can't afford that kind of shit next to the othwr expensive shit i have going on..

    At least their production is showing for it though.