1. Extremely strong wind here... pretty scary. Glad I don't need to go out
  2. 18 degrees ,sunny, by the sea
  3. Strong wind last night, but all quiet for now. Lots of autumn leaves in the yard
    But a lazy day ahead......
  4. A never ending summer Here in italy...autumn warm as never happened.no rain at all .air pollution rising
    But i'm working Like i've never worked before
    So...money or pollution.....?
  5. Rather fine here today. Sunny, 12C, barely any wind. It was windy last night though.

  6. 7 degrees C by beautiful Loch Lomond in the West of Scotland this morning

  7. Autumn sky.near Milano.5:30~ p.m.today
  8. Saw a Netherlands car today...the Dutch do seem to like the Scottish Higlands.

    The mountain is Ben Lomond, the most southerly Munro (a Munro is a mountain over 3000 feet). Just 20 minutes from Glasgow.
  9. Yes, the Dutch and Scottish make a good team. My sister got into our family history and way back (1266) we are from Scottish ancestors.