1. -18 here today
  2. So happy to report that, after weeks of catastrophic bushfires and a couple years of drought, here on the east coast of Australia, we are being drenched with the heaviest rain in months. A cold and wet summer weekend never felt so good.
  3. From 13°C yesterday down to 2°C today
  4. It doesn't snow too often in Spain. Much more snow expected tomorrow and specially on Saturday with over 40 cm expected... We'll see.

  5. No good for traffic, but i always like the views of snow. Enjoy while it lasts!
  6. Indeed I got my driving license in 2019 and this morning was my first time driving in snow. Absolutely horrible, especially for a control maniac like me
  7. It didn't snow at all when it was supposed to and oddly enough it's snowing right now. lol,alright spring
  8. Last year Sydney and Melbourne had wild fires in our Summer 2020. Fast forward a year in summer 2021 Sydney has had massive/constant rainfall resulting in major flooding in its state. Climate weather aye.
  9. For once it actually didn't rain today

  10. sometimes it snow's in April

    the south of the Netherlands