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    No clouds, no rain? I know Holland isn't that big, but you were very fortunate today..

    There were loads of rain in the southern part of Holland, and here in the middle (province of Utrecht) there were many clouds and even some rain. It was 30 degrees celsius..

    No, absolutely nothing. In the eastern part
  2. it's 8.38 pm and after a cloudy day, the sun comes out.... it's about 18ºC / 64.4 F!
    but i'm in the north side..... algarve certainly is hotter! i wish i was there.....

    p.s.- i'm a boy-girl now!!!! i've got to say... YAY to me!!!!!!
  3. It's 9.36 pm and 16 Celcius (60.8 Fahrenheit) here in grey, overcast Northampton (mid-England)
  4. Originally posted by an07rain, rain, rain, after two sunny day we're back to the usual rain

    You can say that for sure Our summer is going nowhere
  5. It's raining since yesterday...without stop
  6. Originally posted by AidanFormigoniIt's raining since yesterday...without stop

    Same here.. we still have rain but its not so cold anymore and the wind has died down. Its a really peaceful rain
  7. Just woke up and because I got holidays I decided to grab my laptop and look on U2Start. It's a sunny day with some clouds, forecasted temperature is 23 degrees celsius.
  8. let me put it this way, ''after the flood all the colors came out''
  9. Jesus, last few days temperatures here in Croatia are around 36°.

    Hell on earth.
  10. Originally posted by sadb778810.48 AM here in the South of Italy and it's another hot and sunny day. Not more than three clouds in the sky and the temperature is getting higher: now about 28°C (82,4°F) and it's gonna touch the 35°C (95°F) or more!

    Well, today is the same as yesterday!
    If you are not at home here you can do only two things to be fine: or resting in a swimming pool, or resting in a car with the air conditioning on!
    I think I will stay at home...

  11. Today we've come back to the normality. 12:53 here, and 39ºC... HOT!
  12. Here in Milan it's damn hot today, think we'll reach 36/37° today
    Fortunately there's air conditioning here @ work

    hot cheers from here