1. Music & Lyrics
  2. American History X

    A fantastic film. One of my favorite actors, Avery Brooks (Cap. Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek DS9), in it. And what a movie. I gotta say one of the brutal scenes really stuck in my mind though.
  3. Moneyball

    Thought it was fantastic. A truly great movie that I will want to watch again and again.
  4. The Last Seduction.

    Decent noir with a great performance from Linda Fiorentino.
  5. Love Actually

  6. Inglourious Basterds.

    I dont know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that!

  7. A tiny bit less than brilliant. Melanie Laurent is gorgeous in it.

  8. Last 2 word weren't neccesary.

    I liked Inglorious Basterds more than I thought I would. I'm not usually a fan of Tarantino's works but this was really different. I liked it.
  9. I've yet to see Inglorious Basterds, I ripped a family members DVD to my laptop a while ago with the intention of watching (obviously). I might watch it tomorrow night.

    For the purpose of the topic though - Top Gun
  10. Take Shelter - pretty good but a bit drawn out.
  11. I plan to watch "The Ides of March" tomorrow- has anyone seen this one?
  12. I recently saw it - quite good. (My wife thought it was boring but don't let that steer you in the wrong direction. She likes the Twilight movies).