1. Blade Runner 2049
  2. World War Z.

  3. Proud to stand up and say I was a part of all this. The only protest I have ever felt real courage of my conviction to be at. Telling the leaders of the 'free world' that I, along with millions of others around the world, did not want to see that war happen. To my sadness it did happen. I always stated that to get our message across we all needed to repeat the protest every weekend. I am sure in my mind that the world could not fail to notice what we all felt about the injustice and above all misinformed information presented to governments.
    For shame on those who led us into war. For shame!
    I hope anyone reading this will seek this documentary out and see what we were marching against. I am sure there are many of you possibly reading this who were on your own protest somewhere in the world on 15th February 2003. If you were then we were all united inside good reason.
    Essentail viewing.
  4. What Happened To Monday.

    Its only on Netflix and I was totally taken by surprise...
  5. Bladerunner 2049. Go see it. Absolutely amazing.
  6. for the first time a tv netflix serie "breaking bad"

  7. Sat and watch this with my clients this afternoon. Powerful film with a terrific score by Philip Glass.
  8. Dead man Down
  9. Forrest Guuuump

  10. Never fails to make me laugh. An absolute gem!