1. Boy: Twilight
    October: Scarlet
    War: The Refugee
    The Unforgettable Fire: Elvis Presley and America
    The Joshua Tree: Red Hill Mining Town
    R&H: Van Diemans Land
    Achtung Baby: Zoo Station
    Zooropa: Numb
    Pop: Please
    ATYCLB: Grace
    HTDAAB: All Because of You
    NLOTH: Get On Your Boots
    SOI: Iris (Hold Me Close)
    SOE: Lights of Home
  2. Originally posted by Sydney_MIke:[..]

    We couldn't be much further apart as this song has possibly the best lyrics of any U2 song for me. Right from the opening lines, Bono delivers an unparalleled number of evocative and memorable couplets.

    But I guess that's the whole value of these discussions and lists, isn't it. To see how your own perspective compares to others. Same songs, different ears.

    True... and that's a good thing
    I think TIWYCRMN from SOE is kinda popular among fanbase here...
    Btw. @iTim has Please as weakest from Pop and it's one of my most fave songs they've ever done...
  3. The album version is not good.
  4. Looking back through the forum, I see Heartland, Drowning Man and Ultraviolet have all been mentioned. Not only are they my favourite songs on each of their respective albums but they're three of my top ten favourite U2 songs - shows how different we can all be!

    Here are my choices:

    Boy: Another Time Another Place
    October: Stranger In A Strange Land
    War: The Refugee
    The Unforgettable Fire: 4th of July
    The Joshua Tree: Mothers of the Disappeared
    Rattle and Hum: Love Rescue Me
    Achtung Baby - Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World (there are no weak songs though)
    Zooropa: Numb
    Pop: The Playboy Mansion
    ATYCLB: Grace
    HTDAAB: A Man and a Woman
    NLOTH: Moment of Surrender - never been a fan of this song
    Songs of Innocence: The Miracle of Joey Ramone
    Songs of Experience: American Soul
  5. Boy: Shadows And Tall Trees
    October: Is That All?
    War: Red Light
    UF: 4th of July
    JT: Exit (although live it's suddenly a masterpiece)
    R&H: All Along The Watchtower (the lovetown version is sooo much better). When Love Comes To Town is the weakest of the new songs (live it's better)
    AB: Mysterious Ways (no weak song on AB and this song on Zoo TV was among their best live performances ever)
    Zooropa: Some Songs Are Better Than Others
    Pop: Miami (again, live it's a great song)
    ATYCLB: Wild Honey
    HTDAAB: One Step Closer
    SOI: Volcano
    SOE: Lights Of Home or Showman (can't decide)

    Many of these songs I still like even when labeled as the weakest song on the album. One Step Closer, Miami (studio version) and a couple of songs on Zooropa and SOE are barely U2 (album) worthy.
  6. Boy: Shadows and Tall Trees
    October: Is That All
    War: Red Light
    The Unforgettable Fire: 4th July
    The Joshua Tree: Trip Through Your Wires
    Achtung Baby: Acrobat (don't hit me)
    Zooropa: The First Time
    Pop: The Playboy Mansion
    All That You Can't: Wild Honey
    Atomic Bomb: Man and A Woman
    No Line On The Horizon: Boots (of course)
    Songs Of Innocence: Volcano
    Songs Of Experience: Summer Of Love

  7. I like all the songs on Joshua Tree, but it strikes me as the most expendable. Same logic for Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms on Achtung Baby.
  8. Shadows and Tall Trees
    With a shout
    Red Light
    Elvis Presley and America
    Mother Of The Disappeared
    Van Demans Land
    Trying To Throw..
    Some Days
    The Playboy Mansion
    One step Closer
    White as snow
    Song for someone
    Get out of your own way
  9. Boy: Another Time, Another Place
    October: Stranger In A Strange Land
    War: Surrender
    The Unforgettable Fire: 4th of July
    The Joshua Tree: Red Hill
    Achtung Baby: So Cruel
    Zooropa: Some Days Are Better Than Others
    Pop: If You Wear That Velvet Dress
    All That You Can't: When I Look at The World
    Atomic Bomb: Crumbs From Your Table
    No Line On The Horizon: White As Snow
    Songs Of Innocence: This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
    Songs Of Experience: The Showman