1. many thanks
  2. The link to the 2016-10-05 Daly City recording is still down. Mega says its been removed.
  3. New link is up now Thanks for reporting!
  4. Not a broken link but the Belfast 20 12 1982 recording is actually Birmingham 4 12 1982 - listen to the beginning of an cath dubh on the upgrade i submitted then listen to the beginning of sunday bloody sunday on the "belfast" recording - same intro but with an obvious edit. Compare the starts of I fall down on both. On a more positive note I did find my recording of the last two songs from Birmingham.
  5. Not a broken link, but 1992-09-09 Pontiac are only the first 9 songs.
  6. broken satellite link.. first 9 songs (and aftershow) were transmitted to MTV (awards).. unfortunately there's no other recording of this show available.
    Edit: not the first 9 songs, actually just 6 proper songs and One is missing.
  7. thanx, would be nice to have a good version of so cruel bono solo
  8. Washington 16.08.1992 ("Whatever Remaster")...there are some songs missing in the download !!!
  9. I just checked, and the bootleg is complete. Make sure you download both parts before you un-zip the files.
  10. It is funny...I have it downloaded a few times and it never worked. The same yesterday BUT I could not move the mp3´s in to the folder..."the name of the song is to long" appeared on the screen !!!

    So I created a new folder with my name...and that worked fine ?! No idea what was happened, but now I have the show complete. Thank you for your help