1. probably a combination of both (and maybe other reasons as well). They barely did it on the indoor shows, so the early days were not the only reason. It had something to do with the outdoor circumstances as well (bigger audiences, daylight)

  2. I was at that stadium with a roof (Amsterdam) in 2005, but the roof was transparent (wasn't for JT17) so that still made sense. Starting at 9pm means an hour of daylight still to go.

    Nowadays they blacken out the roof with a strange sail/balloon construction. Guess that's for sound and vision
  3. Cardiff was pitch black.
  4. yes, there were a few shows that started in the dark, but I think at least 80% of the (European) shows started in daylight/twilight. Keeping the same setlist sequence for those few shows that started in the dark probably just was a matter of convenience.

  5. Great proof there is more footage, even though they had some camera issues, and That they could release / upgrade it to HD during covid ... but we ask too much ;p