1. Any chance for the Sting's Ljubljana Stozice 19 reupload? Pretty please
  2. It'll be up tomorrow but i can only put it on a temporary link I daren't risk permanent ones in public. Just looked back it was one of the few I put on drop.me - what a useless host that was claimed permanent and was barely 48 hours.

    Meanwhile still looking for these police gigs if you know anyone who has them and won't share then in the words of sting @ 1980 break their legs until they do.

    hartford 13-8-83,
    birmingham 8-11-83,
    baton rouge 10-11-83,
    dallas 13-11-1983,
    denver 22-11-83,
    memphis 16-02-1984,
  3. Thanks, Eddie again for those Japan recordings

    Really loving Osaka and Tokyo.

    Here are some covers I made, if anyone is interested:

  4. many thanks mate for the reup