1. Bless you Can't have enough Dire Straits. They just were SO GODDAMN GOOD
  2. check your messages
  3. Thanks a million. I have downloaded it all, here's a shitload of Dire Straits to carry me through this week.
  4. Last one for now

    Dire Straits Portland 20 9 1985


    someone gave me loads years ago and i've never done anything with them. These last two were just randomly chosen and having a quick listen i don't think i could have done two better if i'd tried.
  5. They were consistently awesome so randomly choosing is just as good as any other method. The only factor to take into account is the recording's quality and I assume all of those except Oakland (as noted) are varying qualityies of audience recordings.
  6. Sting
    Metropolitan Opera House
    17 11 2019

    Video compiled from various youtube sources. With thanks to all of them for the uploads and for making the effort to get past security.

    The first chorus of message in a bottle is all that is missing. There may be a slight jump in desert rose as I had to edit it despite being a complete video since for some reason my free software wouldn't let me edit the video which included the end of desert rose and all of every breath.


    message in a bottle
    if i ever lose my faith
    englishman in new york
    if you love somebody
    every little thing she does is magic
    brand new day
    if you can't find love
    whenever i say your name
    fields of gold
    hung my head
    shape of my heart
    wrapped around your finger
    walking on the moon
    so lonely
    desert rose
    every breath you take
    king of pain
    next to you

    running time 1 hour 43 min 36 seconds

    It's a big file 1.6gb, it's a one-off upload. Do with it what you want.

    If you enjoy it drop some cash in a charity collection box next time you get asked.

    Happy Thanksgiving, happy Hanukkah, happy Christmas, happy new year.

  7. Thanks! I listened to East Rutherford yesterday, very clear soundboard and very good performance. Listening to Zurich now - great audience recording. What a band and what a vocalist he was back then!!

    I have Montevideo since long ago, is this a new transfer or something?
  8. no just me randomly selecting.
  9. Alright, thanks anyway. This is all much appreciated