1. Originally posted by eddiemonsoon:I've been chasing down Hartford 13 8 83, birmingham 8 11 83 baton rouge 11 11 83, denver 22 11 83 and that dallas and memphis for twelve months and more. I was promised them all somewhere in the middle, I sent that person a few tracks he couldn't possibly have had as a thank you and incentive. Next thing email back to say oh i've lost those recordings. This time i've got four with no trouble from someone who has only just started transferring tapes but hasn't worked out splitting so he uploads them full tracks, I split, I upload, he gets the credit, fair enough I say, I've got what I wanted. I knew these ones existed the one last weekend was an absolute shocker. Check your messages.
    I know, I remember your quest for these lost concerts. I'm glad you got them sorted out in the end, even despite that folk who suddenly "lost" the recordings, ahem... Anyway. Thanks again for the never ending stream of PM greatness!
  2. yeah

    Philadelphia 22 8 1981
    oakville 23 8 1981
    boblingen 1 10 1981 too much info
    essen 2 10 1981 (aud3) too much info
    kassel 3 10 1981
    Russelheim frankfurt 6 10 1981
    heidelberg 8 10 1981
    munich 9 10 1981