1. The Nirvana catalogue is a money printing machine.
  2. Originally posted by drogba29:Got the box yesterday, live recordings in great quality
    The album remaster is good at first listen (exist in hi-res 24bits/192khz)

    I’m planning to dive into these this weekend. Wish U2 would so the same with this kind of release.
  3. Nevermind that Nirvana. If anyone hasn't heard the "Dale Demo" from January 23 1988 someone has created a playlist on Youtube with the original running order that has never been officially released as a playlist or cohesive project. Most tracks have been released on official albums or Box Sets but this is the original session in its entirety. Dale is of course Dale Crover from The Melvins and is still playing with them to this day.

    Here is the demo notes:

    And the demo session playlist:

    Search Youtube user
    "Fabio Scanu" "Dale Demos"
  4. Good I mean the guy is really taking the piss trying to sue them he's made plenty of money from them including on the 20th anniversary where he did a re-enactment of the cover ,surely it's his parents that he needs to hold to account as they are the ones that consented to it but obviously not as financially lucrative as the band and record company .
  5. I came around to his argument after a while.
  6. Well, some skullduggery requires more skullduggery in equal measure. Almost no living person is going to put much effort into this project and yet it will turn a profit. With that knowledge on the table, if l was a participant l would want to re-negotiatie my role. I may have gone about it in a different way.

    He does have some valid points.
  7. fuckin chan$er