1. Originally posted by raynman009:It’s interesting how they used George Bush in the intro. Like he was the devil and all evil. I mean why choose him? Wasn’t there many other leaders who were depressing their constituents and stealing their liberty? Just an honest conversation looking back at things.
    It actually came from some type of artist(s) that would splice together commentary from celebs, news, etc, to make them say something they wouldn't normally say and/or political commentary. I forget what their name was. U2 found it (actually probably Willie) and they thought it fit that it was an election year in the U.S that fall when they were touring with the Outside Broadcast. That was the reason Bush was chosen. Somebody else already did it. I don't think they were huge fans of Bush but I don't think it was quite as insidious as you make it out.
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    I think someone said it was a Irish Hymn. Don’t know name but agree it should be listed. I love those shows with that.
    I was at opening night in Lakeland and remember with house lights on Bono walk out and sing it. It was so loud from the screaming I couldn’t make out what it was. For a long time until I heard the bootleg I thought he was singing MLK. The place was that loud.
    Interesting... I'd never heard that (obviously, from asking a question about it, I guess ).

    Also... that sounds like an incredible thing to have experienced.
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    It was done for the entire first and second indoor leg of Zoo TV. If I am recalling it correctly it is basically jibberish/ad libbed at the moment. But Bono got the idea from the daily Muslim call to worship he would hear when they had they were in Morocco in 1991.
    Yeah, I get the impression that it's sort of Bongolese, but there's definitely some strong similarity/repeated structure across shows.

    Kinda wish they still did extra stuff like that...
  4. Oh oh oh I could of lost you
    Oh oh oh I couldn’t watch you go
    Slipping through the cracks , slipping through the cracks ... oh oh oh
    I think that’s what he is saying
    6-11-92 martix has a great version