1. mmh...

    quick summary of some shows mentioned in the last couple of pages:

    Breaking Bad: Fantastic show. After watching it when it came out, I struggled to enjoy any other series because I kept comparing them with it and they couldn't match.
    (it has its flaws for sure, but The Fly is not one of them... c'mon, is a great and key episode for the character development of Walter).

    GOT: Haven't seen it, don't care, screw that show. I try to not be the "the book is way better than the movie" nerd, but in this case I can't help it. This and Harry Potter. In this case, imho the books are so much better than their filmed counterparts that I feel like I'm listening to Justin Bieber singing a cover of Bad. I can't take it.
    (The ages of the kids... the size of everything, distances, castles, armies...)

    Stranger Things: It's not as spectacular and impressive and awesome as everyone makes it to be... but if you remove all the hype about it... is a great show... actually, is a really well done show... actually... you should watch it, is really great... I mean, actually, I'm a huge fan of the show, it's awesome...
    ...and so before you know it, you begin hyping it again, and the circle is complete.


    Watching currently, first or second time, on Netflix:

    The Good Place,
    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency,
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,
    Black Mirror,
    Brooklyn 99

    Not on Netflix, and a bit unknown (at least around here) but I recommend whenever someone mentions tv shows:
    Parks and Rec
    The Middleman
    Better off Ted
    Life on Mars (uk)


    Also, the best show I've seen in the last few years, maybe ever (I'm that hyped about it):
  2. Watching Shameless US, and just about to catch up on this weeks episode of The Walking Dead.
  3. top for me on netflix...
    Breaking Bad
    OJ Simpson

    otherwise only hd movies in streaming
  4. yeah its a great show
  5. Originally posted by Bloodraven:[..]

    Ok, a couple of friends had already suggested it, and with 3 more endorsements, I had to watch it. I spent the last 4-5 hours watching the show.
    Do you like it so far? No spoilers, I have to see more episodes myself.
  6. Yes, I had no big expectations of it before starting, I thought it'd be either a "monster of the week" type of show, or a documentary/dramatization, neither of which I was interested.

    Instead is a well done show with a slow pace that I found enjoyable.
  7. I Feel You by Depeche Mode... what a song... what a band... anyway...

    Here we go!!!

  8. Just coming to the end of season one again, I couldn’t have planned it better.
  9. Eh, season 2 is ok.
  10. Since 5 months ago, my highlights.

    From Netflix:
    Loved Altered Carbon.
    Absolutely speechless about Happy!... if you want to watch something that makes you say "WHAT.THE.F... WHAT... WAIT, WHAT?" every couple of minutes, this is the show.
    Not as good by far, but pleasantly surprised about Riverdale.

    And beyond:
    Westworld season 2 is happening now, still awesome, I'm still thinking is the best show I've ever watched.